Trek and Tracks from our School’s Out campers at Belmont

Wow!  We had a great day of tracking animals with our School’s Out campers today.  Some of our friends visiting today have been to many of our camps before and were leaders on the trails.  Some were new friends we were so excited to meet!  They did a great job finding tracks, scat, fur, nests, deer beds and trails, and some animals themselves.

Today’s finds:

  • Deer fur
  • Deer tracks
  • Dog tracks
  • Fox scat
  • Owl hollow
  • Rabbit hole
  • Raccoon tracks
  • Woodpecker holes

Winter is a great time of year to track wildlife!  Do it yourself:

There are still spaces available in some of our upcoming School’s Out programs!  For more information and to register, visit our School’s Out page