The Youth Climate Institute (YCI) educates and certifies the next generation of leaders in climate science, environmental justice and real world solutions.

In this three year extracurricular program, Howard County students earn certification as Youth Climate Institute Ambassadors or Ambassadors with Honors.  In addition to fundamental lessons on climate science, impacts and solutions, students will learn how to be a science communicator.  Through action projects, they will become ambassadors in their communities and gain experience and confidence in civic action.

 YCI is an official partnership between the Howard County Conservancy,  Office of Community Sustainability, and The Howard County Public School System.

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Interested in becoming a YCI Ambassador?

Howard County 10th and 11th grade students: apply by 9/22/23

Program Partners:

Youth Climate Institute Class of 2021-2022

42 students from 11 Howard County Public high schools joined us in October to kick-off this years Youth Climate Institute program with the Howard County Office of Sustainability.  Throughout the year these students will identified and work on climate action projects designed to impact our local community and ecosystem!

Read their amazing accomplishments here!

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Youth Climate Institute Class of 2020-2021

Thirty students from ten high schools formed teams to address climate change solutions as part of our 2020-2021 Youth Climate  Institute. Together they gave presentations, built a social media presence, created informational graphics, and planted trees!

Read their amazing accomplishments here!