Monarch Metamorphosis 

Our monarchs are making their way to Mexico and our live stream has ended for this year. However, you can watch the videos below to see the highlights from our live cam. This was a fun addition to our fall learning. We hope to bring you more live streams in the future. 

Monarch Caterpillars

Click on the image about the life cycle of the Monarch caterpillar and its adaptations for survival using photographs and video footage from the Monarch tank at the Conservancy.

Becoming a Chrysalis

Click on the image to watch metamorphosis happen narrated by our educator, Janice, as this five minute video shows the change from caterpillar into chrysalis of our monarch.

Becoming a Butterfly 

Click on the image to watch a video we made from our live cam showing a new Monarch Butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Our educator, Janice, narrates this video to explain the process.


 Monarch Fall Migration 

Click on the image to learn about the monarch butterfly and its amazing migration to Mexico from our educator, Tabby Fique.  


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