What is STEM?

-Traditionally, STEM incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  At Camp, we integrate Arts into so many of our activities, turning traditional STEM planning into STEAM! 

How does STEM/STEAM fit into Camp?

-We have always focused on science and nature at Camp, and we love to investigate over the course of our sessions and summer! This year’s STEM Mission of the Week (MotW) will highlight the ways in which campers use technology to solve problems, work together to design and test engineered structures and devices, and leverage mathematical reasoning to conduct science experiments. We find many imaginative ways to incorporate STEM into our daily planning; for example, instead of a chemistry demonstration, campers may participate in a Potion Class! We encourage hands-on investigative learning. The camp’s approach to STEM education not only equips campers with valuable skills but also makes learning enjoyable and relatable. Experts in the field like Bobb, Dr. Kamau may agree that it can inspire a lifelong interest in STEM fields and encourage campers to pursue further education and careers in these areas.

STEM Missions of the Week

WEEK 1 Green STEM Camp: Recycled Rafts

Take on the role of an engineer and create a barge out of recycled materials. Campers will conduct tests to determine if their design can withstand the elements. Discover how buoyancy and weight affect the way your boat floats- will your creation make it down the stream?

WEEK 2 Marvelous Mammals: Ecosystem Superheroes

What do you know about the superheroes of your ecosystem? Learn about animal engineers as you create web maps showing how superhero mammals help other species. Can you invent a device to help these mammals along their journey to improve their homes?

WEEK 3 Branching out:  Arborists in training

Become an arborist in training as you learn about the unsung heroes of our natural world- trees! Sketch out protective designs that can shield young saplings against natural and predatory elements. Create a 3-D tree life cycle to test the success of your device. 

WEEK 4 Come Fly with Me: Egg Drop Challenge 

What gives an animal the ability to fly? Test out this theory as you create a protective vessel for your egg in the Egg Drop Challenge! See what designs protect the egg from cracking under the pressure.

WEEK 5 Stream Sleuths: Stream Scientists

What lurks beneath the water’s surface? Find out by calculating a diversity index as you survey the stream like research scientists! You may discover something new within the aquatic ecosystem or even a new species.

WEEK 6 Survive It!: Sheltering against the elements 

Test out your survival skills as you simulate “roughing” the elements. Create miniature shelters out of natural materials and test the effectiveness against various weather conditions the natural world can produce.

WEEK 7 Rockin’ Reptiles: Letterboxing Challenge

Navigate through camp as you carve, stamp, and map out the hiding spots of our reptile friends through the Letterboxing Challenge. See who can find the most boxes and sign in with your signature stamp.

WEEK 8 Dirt Detectives: Digging Up Discoveries

Dig up new discoveries as you determine the type of soil found at the Conservancy. Learn that not all rocks are alike and how to identify the differences. Uncover what lies beneath the surface and unearth the species that call this place home!

WEEK 9 Backwoods Explorers: River Rapid Racers

Head into the great outdoors and discover what building supplies the forest has to offer! Use natural materials to design and build a stick boat to race down the stream in an aquatic challenge. Learn about the interdependence of the Conservancy’s forest ecosystem as you construct your river racer.

WEEK 10 Forest Forensics: Ecosystem Explorers

What mystery can you uncover when investigating the Conservancy’s forest. Observe what animals live among the trees and build a dynamic energy pyramid including all the organisms you identify. Zoom in on the smallest of habitats and see how many creatures can live off a single leaf.

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