Take a Pass on Plastic

“Take a Pass on Plastic” is a public awareness program created by the Howard County Conservancy to inform citizens about the negative impact posed to the environment, wildlife and human health by single-use plastics, and to encourage use of responsible alternatives. Some 33% of plastics are used once and thrown away. Just eight percent of the 30 million tons of plastic Americans discard every year are recycled. Many items such as plastic bags and eating utensils cannot be recycled in curbside collections. Discarded plastic contaminates groundwater and oceans, and ultimately contaminates the food chain for many creatures, including humans. By consciously minimizing use of single-use plastics such as plastic bags, eating utensils, straws and bottled water, we can reduce the health hazards to ourselves and the environment. It’s easy to “Take a Pass on Plastic.” Bring your own and make a difference for our environment! #BYO

Do your part & reduce your reliance on single-use plastics!

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Read an Op-Ed from our Executive Director on “Howard County’s Plastics Problem – The Baltimore Sun”

To learn the correct recycling practices for Howard County, visit the Howard County Recycling homepage and their Curbside Recycling Tips page.

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