Wagon Shed

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A wagon shed is a shelter for horse-drawn wagons, commonly used before the introduction of tractors. The shed’s open ends allow wagons to be driven through without needing to back up.

The Mt. Pleasant wagon shed is a mortise and tenon construction and features a corn crib between two storage bays, a design characteristic of Howard County farm architecture. In Frederick and Carroll Counties, a wagon shed was in the center with corn cribs on either side. Wagons could enter and deposit corn directly into the crib through the elevated doors on the east and south walls. The foundation elevated the corn crib to help prevent rodent infestation.

Your next steps:

From the wagon shed head towards the end of the pavement.  The Bank Barn will be on the left – the building with solar panels on the roof.

Head from station 2 to station 3.

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This is what you are looking for.

Bank barn