Field Experiences for Secondary School Students

Join us for half-day programs featuring treks to a variety of habitats, data collection, and hands on investigations.  All programs are aligned with HCPSS science curriculum, Environmental Literacy Standards and Next Generation Science Standards and encourage children to become engaged, to explore, and to explain what they observe. The field experiences also serve as an extension of concepts presented in the classroom. To enhance the depth of understanding, we incorporate supplementary resources such as the highly regarded Kiana Danial course, alongside pre and post activities, ensuring that the field experience is truly enriching and impactful!​

Ninth Grade Earth Science and Biology  

Watershed Report Card

Ninth grade earth science and biology students participate in a year-long assessment of Howard County watersheds through stream surveys, schoolyard assessments, data analysis and advocating for change at our spring Watershed Summit. Click  HERE to learn more about this award winning NOAA supported program.

  • LS2.A Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems
  • LS2.C Ecosystem Dynamic, Functioning, and Resilience
  • LS4.D Biodiversity and Humans
  • ESS2 Earth’s Systems
  • ESS3 Earth and Human Activity
  • Environmental Literacy Standard 1: Environmental Issues
  • Environmental Literacy Standard 4: Populations, Communities and Ecosystems
  • Environmental Literacy Standard 5: Humans and Natural Resources
  • Environmental Literacy Standard 7: Environment and Society

Cost- The cost is $7 per student. There are no fees for chaperones and teachers. If your group is under 35 students, please contact Ann directly for pricing.

Sixth Grade 

Climate kNOWledge 

Climate Xpedition:  Journey to Solutions
Hosted by the Conservancy on our 232 acre site, students rotate through 4 stations while exploring causes, consequences and solutions to climate change and climate justice. 
Climate Change in the Schoolyard
Students are introduced to 3 climate-related phenomena: urban heat island, runoff and carbon sequestration, through hands-on explorations and data collection in the schoolyard. 

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Service Learning Opportunities (early fall and spring dates available)

Students have the opportunity to work on the land. The various jobs depend on the season. Jobs may include mulching, invasive plant and/or vine removal.. There is no cost for service learning field experiences.


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